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The CWA supporting prostate cancer awareness

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Lara Leahy

09 July 2024, 5:25 AM

The CWA supporting prostate cancer awarenessThe CWA would like to raise awareness for men to get their health checked.

The CWA met with Lismore's Prostate Cancer Support Group (LPCSG) last week at a social gathering to exchange information.  

Helen Dargin, the CWA president spoke of the value of the works they undertake.  The LPCSG spoke about the statistics revolving around prostate cancer.

Concern for the prevalence of Prostate Cancer in all ages of men has brought about increased awareness at the CWA.

Helen explains, “The CWA studies a medical topic each year, and the 8000 members of the 370 branches across New South Wales learn about each condition and raise funds for research.” The Lismore CWA think Prostate Cancer may get another study soon - it was studied in 2010, but the shock at the statistics of sufferers was impressionable.

“It affects men of all ages, our husbands, partners, family members, friends and neighbours. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, one in five Australian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the time they turn 85.”

Helen presented the LPCSG with 10 teal blue aprons, teal being the signature colour of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Helen thought it would be a fun gift, so the next time they share a bunnings BBQ fundraiser, they wont be mismatched!

(Helen Dargin with Bob Johnston - presidents of their associations, while Bob models the gifted teal apron)

Helen said that even though the aprons are a small gesture, “They acknowledge the work of the LPCSG in supporting men with prostate cancer and recognize members' tireless work in community education about this common cancer.

“The good news is that the recovery rate for early diagnosis of stage one cancer is 100% the survival rate for Stage Four prostate cancer is just 36.4% so men, the message is clear. A simple medical check could save your life, regardless of your age.”

If anyone is suffering from a prostate cancer diagnosis, you are urged to contact the LPCSG for information and support inquiries. 

Phone the LPCSG’s Bob Johnston (president) on 02 6622 5792

For more information on the condition, contact the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

For more information about the Lismore CWA please contact them at [email protected]

The CWA - much more than tea and scones.

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