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Nimbins 32nd MardiGrass mulling up for another protest May 3rd to 5th.

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31 March 2024, 8:01 PM

Nimbins 32nd MardiGrass mulling up for another protest May 3rd to 5th.The signature big joint being carried through the streets of Nimbin

As reported last week, music festivals are facing tough times with many cancelling in 2024. Meanwhile, Nimbin is gearing up for its 32nd annual MardiGrass, the cannabis law reform protest and gathering held on the first weekend in May in the tiny one-pub village.

"It's extraordinary the change in thirty years from being a gathering of protesting criminals to now we are hearing from AHPRA, a million people in Australia have legal medical cannabis," said MOB president Michael Balderstone.

"However, as far as law reform goes, we still have a long way to go with change, especially the tragically cruel driving laws. Roadside Drug Testing needs to be about impairment and not just the mere presence of cannabis, and we also must be allowed to grow our own plants instead of having to buy them with a prescription."

"This year's MardiGrass is blessed with 2 of California's most experienced and respected cannabis doctors flying out to be with us. Weed has been legal there since 1996 and surely we can learn a lot from them. Dr David Bearman is a specialist in using cannabis to manage pain but wants to also speak with us about how they deal with driving over there."

Dr Jeffrey Hergenrather wants to warn us about how the use of cannabis has been commandeered by commercial interests.

"People not only need support in understanding how to use cannabis but also to find peace with the fact that regular use of cannabis may normalise their life and health," he wrote to us.

MardiGrass will be riddled with politicians this year from the Legalise Cannabis Party and the Greens. Jeremy Buckingham is leading a panel about his new HEMP Taskforce and then alongside Cate Faehrmann discussing together how they plan to legalise pot in NSW.

"We can all feel the change just around the corner for recreational so there will be plenty of conversation this year about just how we actually legalise", Mr Balderstone said.

"We are also about sensible law reform for all drugs so this year, in partnership with Entheogenesis Australis, we have one tent dedicated to other medicinal plants and psychedelic therapy. Mushrooms have risen to the top again as agents of magical healing and enlightenment, proving once again how the hippies were far ahead of their time."


Comedy has become an integral part of MardiGrass and as usual, there is a huge lineup from the Laugh Mob driving up from Sydney to perform on all 3 nights. The Hemp Olympix comperes S Sorrensen and Alan Glover have Steady Eddy returning as well as Jenny Wynter and Peter Willey for their Saturday night comedy.

The Olympix has a new team event this year, the Dealers Nightmare, and as well Correct Weight is finally in the Town Hall again. Contestants have to estimate an ounce, 28.35 grams, the winner keeps the bag.

The Pot Art winner this year will be extremely difficult to judge with a number of amazing posters. Pot Poets Breakfast on Sunday morning with David Hallett is always top class and his Great Green Cabaret Friday night has a mouth watering line up. Music this year for the Pickers and Harvest Balls includes Funkatu, Taiaha, Jesse Morris Band, Spy Eater, the Felicity Lawless Band, the 420 Superstore including Wilfred the Dog, the Trombone Kelly Gang, Paul Jarrah Band, Coneheads, Bluntfield and Alien, and Zen Mechanics.

All the traditional events are in place. Stoned Chess, Joint Rolling comps and the Bong Throw, The Marijuana Music Award with no song to be longer than 4 minutes 20 seconds, the Kombi Konvoy which leaves Byron on Saturday, May 4th to arrive in Nimbin for the 420 Rally.

The main event, the Grand Parade and Rally for Cannabis Law Reform on Sunday 5th promises to be as colourful and controversial as ever. "Please join us." 

"MardiGrass is run by volunteers and if you would like to help, do apply on This includes if you want to join Jungle Patrol and the Ganja Faeries, as well as have a stall or entertain in various ways.

"Check out the massive program for yourself on the website. $30 for a one-day pass and $60 for all weekend, $150 includes 3 nights camping. If there's a cheaper weekend we will beat it by ten percent!"

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