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Lismore has a new resident and Laubman & Pank has a new Optometrist (sponsored)

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Simon Mumford

10 June 2024, 8:00 PM

Lismore has a new resident and Laubman & Pank has a new Optometrist (sponsored)Millur Gao in his new workplace at Laubman & Pank

Lismore has a new resident and a new Optometrist as Millur Gao has just moved from the Gold Coast to set up a new life in Goonellabah and work in the Lismore CBD.

Millur was born in Sydney but has spent the better part of his life on the Gold Coast. He graduated from QUT in Brisbane with a Bachelor of Vision Science and a Masters of Optometry, receiving a Distinction for both courses.

"I initially practised in one of the larger stores on the Gold Coast, at Robina, where I received most of my mentoring," Millur said.

When asked why he has moved to Lismore, Millur replied he was looking for a change of pace.

"I've always wanted to go out and explore what there was to offer. I felt Lismore would be a great regional town to build my skills and improve my arsenal of techniques. It's the perfect place."

Millur is the first full-time Optometrist at Laubman & Pank, which was formerly known as Graham Gooley Optometrist. The role has been filled by locums since they took over the store on Molesworth Street in July 2022, five months after the big flood.

"We offer bulk billed eye tests, and we can provide various options to correct your vision and assess the health of your eyes, such as visual field testing and OCT scans. I am able to fill out your RMS driver's license form, do referrals to any ophthalmologists, and perform diabetic eye exams."

Millur explained that diabetes is a multiple-system disorder, and that's why there are different disciplines the GP would want to look at when looking after a patient with diabetes.

"As part of the disorder, diabetes can affect the back of your eyes. And that's why we work closely with all the other health professionals to monitor for changes. If we do notice something, obviously, that's reported back to the doctor, and they can tailor the treatment that they're going through at the moment."

"At Laubman and Pank, we can also provide glasses through Veteran Affairs and use your private health insurance."

"Being able to improve someone's quality of life so quickly, just through a pair of glasses, is very rewarding, and that is the reason why I chose Optometry. I play my part so that I can provide people with the gift of sight. My most memorable experience has been with the OneSight Foundation, where I volunteered to help test the eyes of more than 500 people in Melbourne."

Millur said he is looking to integrate himself into the community as quickly as possible.

"Outside of work, I like to stay active and find things to do in the local community. I have joined the gym in Goonellabah and attempted the Lismore Park Run. I enjoy rock climbing and football but also making my way through all the restaurants the town has to offer.

"I hope to meet everyone and want to thank people for the warm welcome to town so far."

(The Lismore Laubman & Pank Team - Millur Gao Optometrist, Stephanie Ball Manager, Norilyn Cagape and Ivan Casagrande. Photo: supplied)

You can book an appointment with Millur on (02) 6621 5917 or pop into Laubman & Pank at 160 Molesworth Street, Lismore CBD.

At the moment, Laubman & Pank have up to 50% off frames and lenses in their glasses range.

"No matter when you come in, we want to take care of you and offer the best pricing. We're not here to make money, we are here to fix your eyes."

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