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Jo and Brendan all set for the move to Modanville

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Simon Mumford

06 July 2024, 8:00 PM

Jo and Brendan all set for the move to ModanvilleJo and Brendan out the front of their soon to be moved house on Pine Street

Jo and Brendan Kilburn are excited and slightly nervous about their house relocation from Pine Street, North Lismore, to Modanville on Monday night.

They are acutely aware of the dramas their friends, Stacey and Ben Walder, have experienced during their house relocation exercise and are hoping for a straightforward move.

One of their big advantages is the size of their house. It is small enough that it does not need to be cut in half, not by much, but enough.

That one detail means a quicker house set-up at Modanville that leads to a shorter move in date.

"We had Mackay and Sons come and check both sites, here (Pine Street) and the delivery site last Tuesday. Everything is good to go," Jo said.

"It's going to be a pretty hairy ride up to Modanville. We'll be there; we'll be watching and following. But they're confident it is going to be ok."

The weather won't delay Monday night's move, but it is where the potential for water damage comes into play with the roof being removed. At this stage, the forecast says a shower or two for Monday and Showers for Tuesday.

Once the house is at the Kilburn's new block at Modanville, a tarp will be thrown over the roof and the preparation begins for the house stumps.

"We need to be on-site for 7am Tuesday morning for them to position it. Then they'll dig the piers, council comes Tuesday afternoon to do the footing inspection, and then they'll pour the pier holes, I'd imagine maybe Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, and then set it down."

Jo and Brendan's good friends Stacey and Ben Walder, experienced lengthy delays with their move. However, the Kilburn's are not expecting the same result.

"I think ours will only be three or four days because they don't have to put it back together. So, it's just a matter of putting it onto the piers and then putting the roof back on because they have to drop the roof."

"Electricity, water and sewerage are all ready to go. Everything's ready," Jo said confidently.

The house has been completely renovated since the February 28 2022 flood, so all being equal, Jo and Brendan expect to be living at their new Modanville address three weeks after the move.

"We had a chimney here in Pine Street, but we won't be rebuilding that. Brendan will put a wall up between the kitchen and lounge room, rather than replacing it. That's the only thing we will have to fix."

Then Brendan adds, "We'll also paint the outside of the house and clean it up to get the occupation certificate."

The plan is in place; now the Kilburn's are hoping for life to not throw any curve balls their way. The light can clearly be seen at the end of their long tunnel.

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